Open Access : A Fight against Knowledge Monopoly & Privatization of Knowledge


I wrote this article for my College Magazine..

Here is the link to my article (It is a Hybrid PDF file – PDF which is can be opened in any PDF viewer and also editable in LibreOffice): Open Access : A Fight against Knowledge Monopoly & Privatization of Knowledge

#At End of the article I added a Note/Comment:

//Things to Crosscheck

[ Fair Usage Policy of India in respect of academic material] */

There is a recent (16th September 2016) update about this issue:

“The Delhi High Court has delivered a landmark judgment which allows a local university copyshop to print course packs, using parts of commercial educational books. The judge held that copyright is not an inevitable or divine right. Copying for educational use is fair dealing, whether it’s done by hand or automatically in an organized fashion.”
Read about the story here and you can download the detailed 94-page Delhi High Court Decision below:


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Taxation, Innovation and Ethics..


I have been thinking about Taxation and the ethics of taxation lately..

When the modern patent statute was enacted in 1952, Congress was of the view that “anything under the sun that is made by man” can be patented.

Now I think that “Anything under the sun that is made man by man which can be profitable is Taxed by government”.

In Search of Dark – Presentation on Light Pollution

Light Pollution Cover

This is the presentation I have created for an event taking place at Gogate Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri on Friday, 6th February 2015.The main motive of the event is to Spread Awareness about the ever growing and mostly ignored issue of Light Pollution.

While creating the presentation I found that there is no quantitative or conclusive research is done on the topic of Light Pollution in India. Also there are no scientific measurements taken specifically for India.

Hence I think, awareness must be spread about Light Pollution in Common People and there is a strong need of research to be done on National Level studying side effects of Light Pollution in India.

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Link to the Presentation(PDF):

Link to the Presentation(ODP Format):

Astronomy Programme (Presentation+Observation Session) at RMCET, Aambav


Just returned from the Astronomy Programme at RMCET, Aambav. We were invited there for a presentation on India’s Mars Orbiter Mission and  Sky Observation Session for School Teachers, Students gathered there from all over Maharashtra State for 40th State Level Science Exhibition.

I loved the event.. Not because of big attendance but instead because of students and teachers asked me to so much questions and I was able answer them all. One student (I think he was from Akola) asked me almost 25-30 questions. This is actually a good sign that new generation students are curious and asking questions without hesitation..

I will post pictures from event and pictures of Comet Lovejoy (C/2014 Q2) which I had captured last week.

Polar Star Trails – First Attempt



“Captured by Me and my friend Animish Vaidya”

Captured from a location on the NH 17 Bypass Road between village Nivali & Pali..


It is a final picture by stacking 135 images together in StarstaX software and little touch ups in Photoshop.

Camera Used: Nikon D5100

Lens: Nikon 18-55mm Kit Lens.

ISO: 1600

Effective Exposure: 67.5 minutes (135 images of 30 seconds exposure each)

Every star is in focus rather than little out of focus as many astrophotographers prefer to get broad star circles. We want to see how much stars we can capture without too much noise.

I would like to say thank you to Department of Physics, Gogate-Jogalekar College, Ratnagiri for lending their DSLR to us.

Open Wireless Movement…


“An IP address could be used as a sole identifier is finally a thing of the past, creating a privacy-enhancing norm of shared networks.” says article.

The article says as a Note to police departments:

Some police departments have made public statements against open wireless networks, presumably because they never want to accidentally raid the homes of innocent parties. We do not believe that more passwords would fix the problem of mistargeted police investigations; even if nobody ran an open wireless network, it would be unsafe to categorically assume that an IP address maps to the subscriber’s identity. Most password protected networks are easily breakable, and criminals can use others’ locked networks to cover their tracks if they wish to. Before launching a major raid based on IP address evidence, a better answer than reducing open wireless is for police officers to be trained to check for open networks as well as anonymizing technologies such as proxies and Tor exit relays.

In the end while explaining what to do: If law enforcement comes knocking, what are my rights? it says,

If you are in the United States, the Constitution guarantees you certain rights when the government comes to your door.

Now here in India no-one knows for sure what to do in such case. We need an EFF (a organization that fights for People’s Privacy) in India. Not to only to fight for Privacy but also to spread awareness about it and build laws supporting it and make people aware about those laws.

For more information, EFF has created a Know Your Rights guide and a Surveillance Self-Defense guide to help you understand your options if the police are trying to search your electronic devices.


Sun, Moon & Tides – Presention on Tides


Screenshot from 2014-05-26 16:30:57

The Presentation on Tides explaining the phenomenon and Tide causing forces.

         One day after jogging in the morning with my friend (actually he jogs, I just sit there on his bike), we start discussing topics as usual. I don’t quite remember how but the conversation came to the topic of Tides in Sea, its cycle and forces behind it. Now I thought, as a student of Physics I must explain this to him. This happens most of the times with me that I get out of  control while explaining Physics Questions n Problems to others..

         So as usual I started explaining about tide with whatever I got to explain.. this time I started drawing diagrams and writing equations in sand in front of him… First I explained him theory of Newton’s Gravity and Tidal Forces.  After some time I was able to convince him that High Tide occurs when Moon is above your head at Zenith (I seriously don’t know how much of it he really understood, as I was in my mood n speed while doing explanation). But, at that instant some questions start arising in mind like if tide is due to Moon’s gravitation and occurs when moon is over your head, then why are there TWO tides a day and even most importantly what causes the high tide on the exact opposite side??? I never thought about these questions before, even I live 5 minute walk away from Arabian Sea.

         So this I got me going to search answers to these questions and others. After search, reading, thinking and deciding whether it is convincing enough what I just read, I find answers for many questions… found new terms, became aware of phenomenon in nature.. Then I just thought now I know this and many people around me will might never bother to find answers to these questions. So what can I do about it… about answering people who might searching answer for this same question in future.. So I decided to create a presentation n Here It Is….

This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license,

Link to the Presentation(PDF):

Link to the Presentation(ODP Format):